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The goal of Terra Hash is to bridge the crucial gap of harnessing the Earth’s Natural Resources to deploy Cutting-Edge Technology, ensuring that in an increasingly data-driven world, we are efficiently utilizing our finite energy sources and making the intangible feel tangible.



ter·​ra | \ ˈter-ə

Noun: from Latin, meaning Earth or Land


hash | \ ˈhæʃ

Verb: solving an input of variable data by calculating an output of fixed data

Terahashes per second (Th/s)
is a measurement of 1 trillion calculations per second, a unit that indicates the power of a computer or mining rig



Terra Hash is led by a team of professionals with deep experience in the Energy, Data Center, Finance, and Infrastructure Industries. Using the latest technology deployed in cutting-edge Data Centers, Terra Hash is continually pushing the curve forward to create sustainable competitive advantages.


We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, and create win-win partnerships through aligned incentives, please get in touch below.


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